Major Benefits of Our Solutions


Split Testing

Swift Impressions gives you the ability to test any incremental changes to your website. You’ll be able to make the decisions that will increase your revenue with unequaled confidence.


Geo Targeting

Visitors to your website are looking for a personal experience that caters to their taste. Only Swift Impressions allows you to deliver that perfect experience based on the location they are browsing from.


Dynamic Reporting

Track impressions and clicks on each display ad and sponsored post. See what’s working and what’s not. Swift Impressions Gives you complete and unfettered access to the actual impressions your content is getting.  

Split Testing

Results are great. But can you arrive to results you can trust alone? Split testing with Swift Impressions empowers you to take the bold new steps you never thought you could.

Geo-targeting for Local Content

Swift Impressions makes it possible for you to run regionally targeted campaigns, delivering geographically relevant display ads and sponsored content that caters to local tastes.


Dynamic Reporting

Ever wonder if an Ad Network is fudging the numbers? If your changes really make things better? With dynamic reporting, and paired with our split testing technology, you can see which networks are telling the truth and which changes to your website get the job done.

Nimble, Unblockable Revenue!

Swift Impressions is the only company with impenetrable, patented protection for your advertising revenue. Our solutions are guaranteed to be so light you’ll barely notice it’s there! In fact, you might find it quite a bit quicker than traditional advertising.

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