Swift Link Walkthrough

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We just released our new plugin, Swift Link, for email marketers. This plugin allows you to dynamically hide the true link, allowing your emails to get past spam filters and Facebook Messenger when it wouldn’t otherwise get through. Here is a brief video walkthrough on how it works:

First Impressions — Swift Impressions

The Business Lies We Are Told: #1

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Probably one of the biggest lies I’ve ever been told when I set out to start my first business. “Nicholas! You only get one chance take make a good first impression.” Lies, lies and more lies. It’s been over 15 years since then, and I’ve started nine businesses. Some successful, others not. In fact, two of them failed miserably because I spent too much time trying to perfect the “first impression.” Entrepreneurship is all about screwing up gracefully. As an …

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I’m Getting Screwed By My Ad Network, What Do I Do?

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Good question. There are more ad networks out there than we can count and more are added every day. If it feels like they’re out to get you, it’s probably because the majority of them don’t have your best interest at heart. By some estimates, there were over 20 trillion ads run on the internet alone this year, based on an average CPM of $2.50. That’s a whopping $57 billion in digital ad spend this year alone (eMarketer), surpassing TV …

Swift Impressions and Sponsored Content

Why You Should Care About Sponsored Content

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Sponsored content, also called branded content, promoted content and native content, hit $14 billion in revenue last year. A 20% increase from the previous year. (Business Insider) Let’s put that in perspective… The total digital ad spend for the entire industry was $58.61 billion in 2015. That means almost 25% of that was sponsored content. And this year, it will be 25% of the digital ad spend. Why so much? Because it works. Brands love sponsored content because of Proximity …

How Much Should You Really Care?

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That’s a good question. How much do you really care? I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of clients and entities over my many long years… 30 of them. And I’ve found myself in situations where I couldn’t shake the stress that kept building up. The Problem I would tell my clients, “Hey, that’s a bad idea and here’s why.” They wouldn’t listen, and the endeavor would eventually fail or they would have me rework it back to …

We Succeed, I Fail

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Leadership is hard to sum up. In fact, I don’t really know if you can. However, you can encapsulate it generally by looking deeply into another key word that most people ascribe to true leaders, responsibility. Leaders don’t pass the blame. They protect the people they lead. Successful leaders are such because of who they have working with them. Success is a collective effort even when the leader had the initial idea. Powerful and influential leaders don’t shy away from …

3 Ways to Get Along with Difficult Coworkers

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Difficult, stupid and awful tend to be some of more common, less vulgar, words people shout out when it comes to the wearisome employees they’re forced to work with. Finding a way to work with such difficult coworkers can be a challenge. Here are a few ways to smooth things out a little. Spend As Much Time Actively Listening As You Can Accomplishing this, however, is more art than a science. I bet there are a lot of things that …

Split Page Testing Your Ad Blocker Traffic

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Split page testing (also known as A/B testing). Revolutionary idea, but only about 25% of the businesses I’ve talked with are actually proficient at using it. Most business dirty the testing because they don’t isolate the variable they are hoping to test. In order for any test to be a true A and B test you need to have an A and you need to have a B. That’s it. No more. And you need to make sure there is only …