Glossary of Terms

Frequency capping is a fancy word used by industry experts meaning the total number of times any given piece of content is viewable by any one person.

For example, if you create a Swift Post and set the frequency capping to 3, the maximum number of times any given user will be able to see that post is 3 separate times. After that, it will be placed back to it’s normal place in your feed.

Impressions are how many times a piece of content has been viewed.

Geo targeting refers the ability to place restrictions a post in a manner that only certain visitors from any given location or locations will be able to see it.

For example, if an advertiser would like to run a sponsored post on your site for a wedding expo in Colorado. I doesn’t make sense for the advertiser to pay for the impressions coming for visitors in New York.

Geo targeting allows for highly targeted and effects advertising.