Split Page Testing Your Ad Blocker Traffic

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Split page testing (also known as A/B testing). Revolutionary idea, but only about 25% of the businesses I’ve talked with are actually proficient at using it.

Most business dirty the testing because they don’t isolate the variable they are hoping to test.

In order for any test to be a true A and B test you need to have an A and you need to have a B. That’s it. No more.

And you need to make sure there is only one piece you are testing. It is no longer a true split page test if more than one thing is changed on A or on B.

We can offer you split page testing like many other companies. But we also have something unique: discovering the behavior of ad blocker traffic vs. normal traffic.

Testing Any Solution

As a publisher, you lose more and more control as time goes on because of ad blockers. We hope to give the control back to you. We believe it’s your website and you should be in control of what YOUR users see, including what display ads they see.

But you can’t take this new power and serve every display ad. You have to test incrementally.

Test the traffic coming to your website. When people have ad blockers, what are they looking for?

Here is what we all know:

1. Your users are tired of all the ads they see on the Internet.
2. You’re a publisher. You make money off of those ads.
3. You lose money when users install ad blockers and then visit your website.

Over simplified, I know. But these are big issues. And they are growing.

PageFair pointed out this year that the ad blocker adoption rate has be 41% year-on-year. That is a scary statistic for publishers.

Use Swift Impressions to Test Your Traffic

We offer a solution that will help you in the short run and in the long run: A/B test your traffic. With Swift Impressions you are able to test how many ads you can push through ad blockers and not upset your user base.

The goal here is to first establish what the absolute minimum amount of display ads you are willing to serve and then compare that to the maximum you can serve to the users coming to your website with ad blockers.

We suggest two subtle ad spots on each page.

Here is the shameless p;ug of this whole article. Swift Impressions gives you the ability to test what your users want when it comes to display ads.

Give us a call (208-473-7119) and we’ll get you set up and running!

**Photo credit to LeadPages.net (https://www.leadpages.net/blog/how-to-write-an-effective-headline/)**

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