Frequently Asked Questions

A Swift Post is the best way to serve sponsored content. The Swift Post plugin turns what would be just another post to premium branded content where you control every aspect of how it serves.

You control who sees your post and how often they see it.

A Swift Post is still indexable. Swift Post enhances all of your existing posts. The posts are still there for SEO purposes. Even after the term you set for your Swift Post expires, the post lives on.

Swift Impressions offers recurring billing every thirty days from the day of sign up.

Swift Impressions uses a third party credit card service company called Stripe. They keep all information secure and protected. Swift Impressions never stores or views your credit card information.

Yes. Swift Post and Swift Ads both allow you to alternate content in the same spot. Just make as many posts or ads for the spot and let the technology meet the goals you have set.

No. All Swift Impressions plugins are rigorously tested and precisely engineered to deliver a quick and seamless experience for everyone involved.

Generally, it will not have any affect on your other plugins because all Swift Impressions plugins run independently and are very targeted to do one specific task. If there is ever an issue, our support team is ready to take immediate action to help you.

Our “official” support hours are Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 10PM MST. However, we know you are always working and we’re going to make ourselves available to you. Call us, email us or text us. It’s pretty simple.

It looks exactly like every thing else on your site looks like. It matches the look and feel of your site perfectly.

That little blue bird is the mark of quality. It reminds you what you have running as a Swift Post. Only a person logged into the site as an admin is able to see that cute little bird.

That my friend we can help you with. Please click, here, and visit our handy-dandy walkthrough.

That my friend we can help you with. Please click, here, and visit our handy-dandy walkthrough.

You seriously went there? Alrighty… Here ya go:

Ad Block

Ad Block Plus

Ad Blocker


Ad Gaurd

Fair Ad Block


Purify Blocker

Norton Ad Blocker

Clear Ad Blocker


Focus (By FireFox)

Clear Ad Blocker (Franco)

Gem Blocker

Ad Blcoker (Huang)


Umbra Pro

Ad Blocker FREE (Photo Master Labs)

Ad Blocker PRO (Photo Master Labs)

Ad Shaker

Friendly Plus


Ad-Blocker (Awesome Apps)

Photon Ad Block


Safe Search (Ad Blocker)

Crystal Adbloc

Content Blocker+

Ad Stop

Ad Plus

Ad Kill


Freedom – Ad Blocker





Ad Buster



Ad Zero Blocker

Super Ad-Blocker

Stop Ads


Ad Kill Pro

Magic Blocker

Ad Blocker Pro (Jian Yih Lee)

Ad Vinci

Ad Vinci Plus

Mercury Web Browser

Dolphin Web Browser

UC Browser

It is a technology platform for delivering ads that is immune to ad blockers. The platform also includes robust analytics and split (A/B) testing tools.

Swift Impressions is the parent company. The Swift Impressions platform was designed to give publishers much more control over what was published on their websites through ad and sponsored content networks. We built Ad Lander as an enterprise product and we have adapted it to something for mass distribution.

Basically… The Ad Lander technology serves ad content as organic content. From an Ad Blocker perspective there is zero difference between the two and therefore it cannot block an ad. There is a little more to it than that, for example we add a transparency layer but the above is essentially still true regardless.

Both Swift Post and Swift Ad run the Ad Lander technology if you are willing to pay for it. It’s worth it, and that is not a biased statement. (Jedi hand wave)

Absolutely! There is literally no programmatic method, and there never will be, that an ad blocker can utilize to understand when an Ad Lander ad is an ad. Ultimately, it’s all content and we serve it organically.

Swift Impressions holds a patent-pending on the Ad Lander technology in the US. Additionally, Swift Impressions has 18 months from September 2016 to file in the UK, EU, Japan and 13 other countries. We intend to file very soon.

Nope! Our tests so far have shown it to actually be faster.

Yes. There is a minor, generally unnoticeable, increase on your server load.

Frequency capping is a fancy word used by industry experts meaning the total number of times any given piece of content is viewable by any one person.

For example, if you create a Swift Post and set the frequency capping to 3, the maximum number of times any given user will be able to see that post is 3 separate times. After that, it will be placed back to it’s normal place in your feed.

Impressions are how many times a piece of content has been viewed.

Geo targeting refers the ability to place restrictions a post in a manner that only certain visitors from any given location or locations will be able to see it.

For example, if an advertiser would like to run a sponsored post on your site for a wedding expo in Colorado. I doesn’t make sense for the advertiser to pay for the impressions coming for visitors in New York.

Geo targeting allows for highly targeted and effects advertising.