Using Swift Is Easy


Install the Solution

Go to our pricing page and choose the package that’s best for you to get started. We have a solution for every CMS platform. From WordPress to Drupal and beyond.


Load the Hopper

Once installed, use the hopper to organize which ads or content will display. Here you set impressions, frequency capping, & geo-targeting for more effective click-throughs.



As soon as the hopper is loaded and set, simply click publish and sit back as our plugin helps your website deliver your ads and sponsored content exactly how you intended.

Install the Solution

If you’re using WordPress just download, configure and register. Pain free and easy. But our solution is just as easy to run on any CMS with our intuitive interface. Just reach out to us and we will have you up and running faster than a Swift can fly.

We have a dedicated and responsive team who are ready to take your calls, emails and even texts should you have any questions.

  • Download

    Login to your Swift Impressions account here and download the zip file. Then return to your WordPress website and install the plugin by clicking “Plugins” on the left hand side and uploading the zip file.

  • Configure

    Follow the instructions found in the plugin set up screen on your WordPress website to make it display in-line with the rest of your site. Each of our plugins does have the ability to automatically if you would like it to. Follow one of our step-by-step walkthroughs to perfect how the plugin displays your content.

  • Register

    Grab the license code from the email we sent you or grab it from your account here, paste it into the License section and start posting! That’s it!

Load the Hopper

Start controlling your content!

That’s all there is to it!
Why not start posting today?

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Support you can count on

We know how hard you work and we won’t let you down. We have a world-class team on standby ready to take your call, email or text so you can focus on what you do best.

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