Swift Post Walkthrough

Follow these simple steps to get your Swift Post plugin for WordPress up and running NOW!
NOTE: If you have already finished the installation of the Swift Post plugin and you are looking for how to use the Swift Post widget, please click here.

Step 1: Register the Plugin

To complete the installation process you will need to make sure you have registered your plugin. To do this, click on “Dashboard” under Swift Post and enter the license key that was emailed to you when you registered with the Swift Impressions. Additionally, you can access your license key by logging into the Swift Impressions website here.

Once activated the status indicator will change from red to green.

Note: If you need help actually installing the plugin on your website give our support team a call and we will gladly help. We are eager to help you with any step.

Step 2: Plugin setup

Go to the plugin setup screen by clicking “Plugin Setup” on the left hand side of the screen.

Step 3: Content Display Location

This is where you decide where you want your Swift Post to display in the feed.

There are two insertion options for how each Swift Post will run, auto-insert and manual insertion.

You’ll notice in the example on the right Manual insertion is selected. If you select this option you are able to paste the shortcode anywhere throughout your website and that is where the Swift Post will display. This option is useful if you want a Swift Post to display on a single post page or spot two, there, etc. of your feed.

If you select auto-insert, Swift Post will display at the top of your feed by default. This option is quic, easy and preferred by most.

Step 4: How You Want Your Post to Look

The Swift Post plugin provides you a number of options on setting up how you would like your sponsored content to show up.

There are three automatic options on how the image will display and a customized display option. The automatic options are a good way to get up and going immediately, but they won’t be a perfect match. To create a perfect match you will want to click the custom content option as shown in the example here.

Move onto Step 5 in order to start setting up the custom option. If you want one of the three default options, simply click one of them and you’re done!

NOTE: Don’t forget to click “Update Settings” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Appearance

In order to set up the custom option, click the Appearance tab found on your WordPress dashboard.

Step 6: Editor

Click on Editor in the Appearance dashboard.

Step 7: Index.php

Find the section on the far right labeled “index.php” and click on it. This will often have the name “Main Index Template” or a close variant.

Step 8: Find the Template Code

Use the find function on your browser (Command + F for Mac users or Control + F for Windows users) and search for “get_template_part”.

Step 9: Copy the Template File Name

After you find “get_template_part” you will see a word change between the single quotation marks ‘ ‘ which is what you need to copy. Most of the time it may simply be the word “content” but other times it may be a longer section of words.

NOTE: If you are having difficulty in finding your template file name call our customer support team and get a real person each time you call.

Step 10: Paste the Template File Name

Remember Step 4? Go back to the Plugin Setup section from earlier. Select “The Custom Content Option:” and paste the template file name in the box next to it.

NOTE: Don’t forget to click “Update Settings” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 11: Creating a Swift Post

Go create a New Post like normal. You will notice that there is a new widget on the right hand side called Swift Post Setup.

Whether you are creating a new post or editing an existing post, this new widget will be there. Any post, new or old, can become a Swift Post.

For a detailed explanation on how to use the Swift Post Widget, click here.

NOTE: Don’t forget to click “Update” after creating your post.