We Succeed, I Fail

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Leadership is hard to sum up. In fact, I don’t really know if you can.

However, you can encapsulate it generally by looking deeply into another key word that most people ascribe to true leaders, responsibility.

Leaders don’t pass the blame. They protect the people they lead.

Successful leaders are such because of who they have working with them. Success is a collective effort even when the leader had the initial idea.

Powerful and influential leaders don’t shy away from “I statements.” But they don’t take all the credit. They share credit where credit is do.

When it comes to failure, though, leaders will take the consequences with dignity. They won’t immediately cast blame. They take time and gather as much information as possible first. But when someone is at fault they will protect their team and make sure the one at fault learns.

One thing is clear, the quickest route to unnecessary failure is to go it alone.

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