What Does Swift Impressions Believe?

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The market place is a difficult place to raise a company… However, when you do it right, the company grows up to be a good company. A strong company. A company that fights for the good this world so sorely needs.

We know publishers have worked hard to get where they are today. That’s why we continue working hard for them. Here is our basic value base and positioning:

Value Proposition

Swift Impressions offers real revenue protection via a proprietary, patent-pending ad delivery platform called Ad Lander.

The thing that makes Ad Lander so great is that it’s essentially IMMUNE to ad blocker technology. This allows publishers like you to prevent losses from occurring in the first place.

And the added bonus? Ad Lander is completely future proof due to the principles of its design. In short, it is algorithmically impossible to block Ad Lander delivered content because a sponsored post or a display delivered through Ad Lander is no different from any other content on your website.

We believe users deserve great user experiences while publishers have the right to control that experience in the interest of their personal brand. It’s your website. You have the right to control what people see or don’t see when they come to your website.

You are incentivized, as a publisher, to make sure you deliver a good user experience. If you don’t, people won’t come back to your website. That is why the UX side of what we do is so important.

Ad Lander comes packaged with sophisticated analytics, quality split testing capabilities, and world class UX ad placement consulting — all so you can measure the impact of any change you make on your website. Additionally, only Ad Lander offers you the ability to split test your non ad block traffic against your ad block traffic, allowing, not only the results to speak for themselves, but your publication to grow towards better and better experiences and healthier bottom lines.

Our Values and Beliefs about this industry:

It is a fact that publishers lose money when ad blockers block sponsored content and/or display ads. Lots of companies try to address this with their own personal solution.

They do this buy seeking to create innovation around the advertising experience through creating a pay wall or asking nicely: the logic being that users who undergo acceptable advertising experiences will not resort to ad blockers. We do believe good advertising experience is a vital component of the industry, but we see the this as a classic prisoner’s dilemma…

As long as some players seek profit through disruptive, over exposed ads, users will resort to ad blockers. And fact of life is you can’t control what other people do. Click bait will continue to run on websites. malicious ads will still circulate and ad heavy web content will remain an easy path to short term profits.

We believe publishers have the right to control the user experience of their websites in spite of ad blockers and, most importantly, to measure the impact of what they choose to show their users. We believe both ad blockers and poor ad experiences present a threat to free media and a healthy industry.

Poor ad experience among unscrupulous publishers and ad blockers will persist as long as there are unscrupulous, short-term focused profiteers free to do as they will.

The bottom line? That problem isn’t going away; therefore, the two pronged approach offered by Ad Lander is the only credible solution.

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